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Raven Gomez Skillsets

Hello Class! I have my associates degree in Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities from LaGuardia Community College, and my B.A from Smith College in Urban Education. I am currently the HASTAC Scholars Coordinator with the Futures Initiative and assistant to the Digital Humanities Department with Anthony. I have experience working with game-based projects and […]

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Skillset – Patty Accarino

I’d describe myself as a generalist who is curious and organized, and very good at research and  making connections – between people and ideas.  My undergraduate degree is in Art History and Psychology, and I have a graduate certificate in Arts Management.  My work experience has been in software development (as a business analyst) and […]

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Skillset – S.C. “Luci” Lucier

Hi! I have about a decade of work experience in NYC as a production manager and director in various areas. I’ve worked as a full-time freelancer in concert dance, musical theatre, private events, corporate events, and most recently, public exhibition (the companies and shows are a long list!). The MALS program is a great space […]

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Kiana Skillset

Design/UX: I am particularly interested in user design. Specifically in designing physical spaces and how we want users to move through space like an installation or exhibition. That being said it would be nice to try my hand at what user experience can look like digitally. I have experience using Adobe Suite (photoshop, indesign, illustrator. […]

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Skillset — Rob Garfield

Development: I have an extensive background in programming including a degree in computer game programming.  My focus was in artificial intelligence for games and simulations, so I can engineer a mean pathing algorithm and finite (or fuzzy) state machine!  The language I am most adept with is C/C++, but I have worked with a number […]

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Skillset: Jennifer

Design/UX: I have a longtime interest in graphic design which I learn and practice mostly as a hobby with the help of online courses and websites. Comfortable with Photoshop (use it to make graphics at work), getting there with InDesign. Developer: Familiar with HTML and CSS though I have not kept up to the level of […]

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Skillset: Anthony Wheeler

Hello there! I’m Anthony, a member of the recently born M.A. program in Digital Humanities. I earned my A.S. degree from Dutchess Community College (2016) and my B.S. degree from SUNY New Paltz (2018), both degrees being in Adolescence Education & English! I am currently one of the Program Assistants for the M.A. in Digital Humanities […]

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Skillsets: Sandy Mui

First, a bit about myself: my background is in journalism and digital/digital campaigning/web projects. As a journalist, I’m predominantly a writer, but I also have a lot of experience in social media management (especially Twitter), podcasting, email newsletters, and layout for The Excelsior (Brooklyn College’s student newspaper). Currently, I intern on the digital team at Everytown […]

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Skill set: Andrea Lausevic

Hello all, I hope you are staying warm. I’m really excited to be part of this semester’s DH and contribute with my skills in bringing a socially beneficial project to  life. Here are my skills listed by the level of proficiency: Design and UX I hold a BA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire […]

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Skill Sets: Pamela Stemberg

Project Management: As unsexy as keeping everyone focused and on task as project management can be, this is one of the most important aspects of any project. Without it, you are dead in the water. In one of my first  management positions, I was in charge of planning and implementing many different projects, from simple […]

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