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Immigrant Newspapers Final Paper

DH Praxis Final Paper Immigrant Newspapers   Group Members Sandy Mui: Research and Development Sandy contributed to the Immigrant Newspapers project as a Developer, overseeing the conception and composition of the website that houses the digital collection of newspapers, based on her experience with WordPress and website management. Like other group members, she also contributed […]

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Data TRIKE Group Update: FINAL!

In this, the last week of the semester, we have worked hard to put the finishing touches on both the presentation and the website. Hannah has created a “Final Task Tracker” in GoogleSheets which details everything that still needs to get done and who is working on it. The Presentation We’ve (Hannah taking the lead) […]

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Freedom Dreaming Group Update 5/2/2019

We’re all getting so close to the end now and it’s been very exciting to see how all the projects have developed! This week for the Freedom Dreaming team, we’ve continued with our social media/outreach plan in hopes of gaining more submissions. We’ve received quite a few already, but are hoping for more by the […]

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RAAD Project Update

This week our group finished the logo thanks to Carolyn’s diligent work. There were a few final touches to the fonts, but the above is the final product. We ordered our swag and we’re on our way to the final presentation! The Omeka database has proved to be a challenge in trying to change the […]

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Freedom Dreaming Update 4/19

This week in Freedom Dreaming: A Call to Imagine we’ve made exciting progress on our outreach efforts. Raven has been an excellent asset in aiding with our Instagram presence and our account has already reached 74 followers! We’re hoping to hit 100 followers before next class. If you haven’t already followed our account(s) please do […]

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Immigrant Newspapers Update

This week in Immigrant Newspapers, we have been fine-tuning our public-facing website as we continue to build all of the profile pages of our newspapers. We have made the decision to add another page to our site to independently house the interactive map. Originally, we thought it would be possible to house the map within […]

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The RAAD Project: Update 4/17

This week, The RAAD Project has been striving to bring the database to fruition. We’re also fleshing out our Commons site, which will house our online “white paper” and a direct link to the Omeka database (we hope). We are still identifying the contributors for the various sections of our white paper: Abstract [Carolyn] Methodology […]

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RAAD progress and name change

The RAAD Project team has been making sound progress towards our more realistic goals: Carolyn has taken charge of creating the “look and feel” for our public-facing sites, which include our site on the CUNY Academic Commons, and our Twitter and Instagram accounts, and is acting as the administrator and ‘editor’ for our content, ensuring […]

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Data TRIKE report: April 14th

The tech team, and the team as a whole, is working hard to get the website up and running. It’s not quite up yet, but it should be good and ready to roll any time now: As a non-tech person, it’s been rather astounding watching it all in action on the website and over on […]

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Freedom Dreaming Update: April 7th

Hello all! It’s Brittany, back again with the latest updates on the Freedom Dreaming project. Here’s where we’re at. Phase 1 Website is here!: Our Phase 1 website is ready to go! You can access our Phase 1 website here:  We are continuing to update the website content. While we wanted to have a more finalized […]

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