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Skill-set: Brittany A. Hamilton

  Hey all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Below I added the necessary skill-sets and a little bit about my background which I think could be helpful. The Basics: Education MA in Women’s and Gender Studies, DePaul University BS in Secondary Education: English and Communications, Penn State University Current Work Curriculum Mapping […]

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Skillset: Sabina Pringle

Hello all, great to see you again and great to meet the new people. This is my skillset (eeeegh I feel like I’m applying for a job!) Outreach: I’m a sociable person most of the time, I talk a lot but have also learned to listen, so outreach comes to me naturally. I teach at […]

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Antonios Liamis #skillset

Development Web Coding: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and Ajax, SEO, Server Administration. CMS Platforms: Drupal, WordPress, Pegasus, Magento, Joomla. I have some general programming skills but I am looking forward for the opportunity to develop python skills as well. Also, I am in particular interessted to make a deep dive into the “world” of application […]

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Carolyn A. McDonough #skillset

Research + Interactive, digital media Content Development + Editing/Writing/Blogging + Curation: Photo/Audio/Video + WordPress Blogging  -Photographic Research/Visual Anthropology and Audio/Video Research include: multi-format research, procuring content, gaining permissions and/or licensing, and purchase of curated content (if budgets allow). -PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO CAPTURE  -PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO UPLOAD -Embedded Video -Embedded Timelines (specifically, Knight Lab JS3 Timeline, a WordPress plug-in that accommodates embedded video […]

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Skillset: Hannah House

Development This is what I would like to focus on this semester. I have some python and am looking for opportunities to develop that further. I’m also interested in minimal computing and am just starting to learn about static site generators. I am looking for an opportunity in these praxis projects to grow my development […]

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Skillset: Nancy Foasberg

Development There are a lot of development skills I’d really like to, um, develop. I know a very small amount about a lot of things: Web — my HTML skills are actually pretty good! I’m not extremely knoweldgeable about any of the development tools like Dreamweaver or anything like that, but I can do decent […]

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Skillset: Natasha Ochshorn

Outreach: I was a social-media coordinator for a young-adult novelist for four years, so I do have experience in this area. My skill set is in writing copy for social media posts and other forms of outreach (publicity campaigns, outreach e-mails, etc.). I’m quite adept at this kind of public facing language – in both […]

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