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Hello Class! I have my associates degree in Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities from LaGuardia Community College, and my B.A from Smith College in Urban Education. I am currently the HASTAC Scholars Coordinator with the Futures Initiative and assistant to the Digital Humanities Department with Anthony. I have experience working with game-based projects and within higher education reform within community colleges across the nation. Prior to matriculating to the GC, I spent my summer at Cuyahoga Community College  in Cleveland as a research assistant, working alongside enrollment services and the office of the President towards reforming the needs of students to improve recidivism rates and experiences for students of color during their time transitioning to the expectations of college.



As mentioned in Anthony’s post, there was much outreach necessary to get the ball rolling on our current project proposal. As one might imagine, game-based projects are not always taken very seriously, (*gasp*) which has only sharpened my skills in “elevator pitching” game projects I’ve had experience working within the academy both here at the GC and at Smith College. Additionally I have experience in curating game-based pedagogy oriented syllabi. Last Spring a group of peers and I at Smith College successfully advocated to take a Special Studies course under the mentorship of faculty in the Media Studies and Computer Science Department where we were tasked to create our own curriculum and create a game in unity as the capstone study my senior year. Similar to the growing and evolving nature of DH, I have decent experience in creating new spaces for creative ideas within academic spaces to thrive within higher education. This may overlap with “Project Management”, but I pride myself on bringing passionate-minded individuals together towards the inherently collaborative process of making games!


My programmer friends jokingly refer to me as a “baby coder” as I have beginner level skills in HTML, Python, GIS Mapping, and Github. I’m looking to grow these skills, and look forward to taking this semester’s Software Design Lab with Patrick Smyth. I’m happy to assist and also learn from more experienced programmers on collaborative projects, particularly within platforms such as Unity & Ren’Py. I am also currently enrolled in ITP Core 2, where I will be attended several game-based learning labs with Dr. Carlos Hernandez and Khadeidra Martin!

Project Manager:

As I began to mention above, I am fairly confident in my skills and have some experience managing game-based projects in the past. From 9/17-5/2018 I also worked as the Manager of the Smith College Video Game & Research Lab where I thrived in managing a technology-integrated space. This position required me to build my leadership skills in handling expensive, fragile equipment, assuring students felt comfortable in the space, tutoring/assisting students on their own research and game projects, and become well-oriented with many game-based equipment. It also required me to frequently work with professors in organizing times for students to play specific game titles for their classes which was a nice teaching assistant opportunity.


This is probably where I am most passionate. I have worked as a lead writer on several creative projects and also have experience with many game-based equipment, particularly with Virtual Reality headsets, HTC Vive and Playstation 4 VR headsets. My job required me to work with many students who have little no no experience with this type of tech, so I am familiar with working with others from all varying levels of exposure. I’ve created several Twine games, most recently last semester with Anthony where we co-wrote our last project.


Most of my research is based in urban education, particularly involving topics of race, gender, and sexuality within nontraditional cultural mediums. Most of my projects are based in broadening equity within spaces of higher education and am interested in similar-minded projects that attempt to radicalize current systems within the academy.

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