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Freedom Dreaming Group Update 5/2/2019

We’re all getting so close to the end now and it’s been very exciting to see how all the projects have developed! This week for the Freedom Dreaming team, we’ve continued with our social media/outreach plan in hopes of gaining more submissions. We’ve received quite a few already, but are hoping for more by the […]

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Freedom Dreaming Update 4/19

This week in Freedom Dreaming: A Call to Imagine we’ve made exciting progress on our outreach efforts. Raven has been an excellent asset in aiding with our Instagram presence and our account has already reached 74 followers! We’re hoping to hit 100 followers before next class. If you haven’t already followed our account(s) please do […]

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Project TRIKE Outreach and Social Media Plan

Our outreach goals are to build awareness of our project so as to start conversations about best practices and methodologies for transforming data, to get feedback which will help us improve our work, to invite DH practitioners to fork and iterate our project, and to substantiate future grant, conference and award applications. We will achieve […]

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Skillset: Sabina Pringle

Hello all, great to see you again and great to meet the new people. This is my skillset (eeeegh I feel like I’m applying for a job!) Outreach: I’m a sociable person most of the time, I talk a lot but have also learned to listen, so outreach comes to me naturally. I teach at […]

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