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NYCDH Week: Analyzing Congressional E-Newsletters

I attended the “What Matters to Your Congressperson?” workshop at NYU for DH Week where, as Nancy pointed out, there were some difficulties getting onto the WiFi network. The instructor, Lindsey Cormack, introduced us to DCinbox, a project she started in 2009 as a student pursuing a Ph.D. in politics, and continues to maintain. It […]

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NYCDH Reflection

Although I’m in a full time job and I ‘ve got a lot of matters to run during the weekend, I had the chance to attend at the Kickoff event of the Digital Humanities week. I fancied the open discussion panel between the four speakers who expressed their opinion on different topics concerning Democracy and […]

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NYCDH: Building a Support Structure for Digital Humanities Research Projects in the Classroom

Hi! I went to the NYCDH workshop on Tuesday, February 5th at 10:00am. It was held at the DH Studies department of NYU in a conference room. The workshop was a “hands-on experience in which participants learn about the different aspects of support necessary for planning and implementing digital humanities research projects in the classroom.” […]

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NYCDH Week Reflection: How can software workshops be more productive?

There is a conundrum with workshops that seek to teach new software tools which I’d already noticed last semester in GC workshops, and that is the time required to get the software running on people’s machines. Sometimes the installation requires using the command line and editing sensitive system files, which not every computer user is […]

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NYCDH Reflection: A Call for More Workshops for Workers

I have little to say about the NYC Digital Humanities week because I was unable to attend, due to the fact that I have three full-time jobs which require me to be in offices and classrooms Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. I have more to say about not having gone. As a student in […]

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NYCDH Week Reflection: 360 Photo and Video Storytelling

On Tuesday, February 5, I attended the NYCDH Week workshop “Hands-on with 360 Photo and Video Storytelling” at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. The instructor was Matt MacVey, who specializes in 360 video and immersive media at the J-School. This was actually a great workshop that I […]

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NYCDH Week Reflection on IMDb as a Dataset for Digital Humanities Workshop

I attended the IMDb as a Dataset for Digital Humanities workshop on Wed. Feb. 6 (Nancy Foasberg was in attendance also). The presenters were friendly and knowledgeable, and their combined expertise areas were Media Studies (Cindy Conaway) and Computer Science (Diane Shichtman). An early valuable takeaway from the workshop for me was their definition of […]

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