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Final Reminders

I am very much looking forward to seeing all your work shine at the showcase next week! Here are some last reminders: Feedback: take only what feels useful and doable from what Lisa and I said. All the presentations are already strong and compelling–anything you add or modify now will simply make it that much […]

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Final countdown

When we return: One last week to put finishing touches on your prototype, address any feedback you’ve received and polish front-facing materials May 7th: we will do a formal dress rehearsal. Full presentations due, including slides. We may have Lisa back for additional feedback if she is available. The showcase is on May 14th during […]

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Links roundup

Hi all: Please have a member of each group post a link to your public-facing site(s) in the comments below, both so that we all have quick access to them as more journals and updates come in, and so I can offer some content/user experience feedback in the coming weeks.

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Goals for 4/2

Dear all, I’m attending a consultation and advising meeting with the RaadPoject group at 6:20pm today, so I won’t be in class on the first half hour or so. Please continue working on your projects as planned. This week, in addition to the benchmarks allocated in your Work Plan, please devise a short 5-minute presentation […]

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3/26-4/2 Goals

Hi teams, As we discussed today, these are some things to potentially keep in mind as you work on projects this week. As usual, feel free to skip or ignore anything that is not relevant to your work plan: Draft Beta site, publish or set formal deadline for publication Complete documents to post on your […]

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This week and beyond

Here is a quick recap of what we’re aiming for with this week’s group posts: A clear deadline and plan for launching your public-facing site/social media accounts What content will you have on it? e.g. about, bios, blogs with regular updates… What is your color scheme, what images are you using if any (with permissions […]

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Periodic Reminder of Class Goals and Endgame

Some reminders and recaps regarding our conversations last night: Praxis: Our class is grounded on praxis, which means we learn by doing; in such a case the instructor functions as a collaborator and consultant rather than setting formal and strict rules. We are collaborating together to learn about best practices, project development, and team building, […]

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Thanks everyone for your energy and engagement last night. We have a very exciting and diverse range of project to look forward to! As a reminder, the college is closed next week so we do not meet as a class. I encourage you to make alternate arrangements and continue on the tasks listed in your […]

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Project Pitches

I am very much looking forward to seeing what projects we vote to build this semester! As promised, here are some useful links: New books on DH and DigPed  Archive of past group updates By tomorrow (2/1), please post your pitch if you have one, including: Your revised proposal (optional but encouraged) A brief overview […]

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