Skillset – Patty Accarino

I’d describe myself as a generalist who is curious and organized, and very good at research and  making connections – between people and ideas.  My undergraduate degree is in Art History and Psychology, and I have a graduate certificate in Arts Management.  My work experience has been in software development (as a business analyst) and more recently as a “head hunter” for executives in retail, fashion and CPG.

I’d like to learn more about creating digital products/websites and using social media for outreach….as well as learn any languages/tools relevant to Digital Humanities. I’m a quick learner.  From my years as a business analyst, I am very good at translating business/user needs to systems specifications, and I have a real interest in developing intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand (this is actually a pet peeve of mine).

Outreach and research: 

Strengths: researching people and organizations that are relevant to a project and reaching out to engage them;  assessing people’s experience and style for “fit”

Areas to develop: using social media sites and tools to engage other

Project Management:

Strengths:  very organized, developing project plans, follow up, defining deliverables and dependencies; anticipating and identifying roadblocks or potential obstacles; high sense of urgency; comfortable with deadlines

Areas to develop: using a specific project management tool


Strengths: strong intuitive sense of design and aesthetics, understand basic design concepts and I have a great appreciation for U/X concepts

Areas to develop: a more formal experience with UX and GUI design

Strengths:   developing specifications; testing and finding “bugs”

Areas to develop:  I do not know how to “code” in any language but am willing to learn

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