Kiana Skillset

Design/UX: I am particularly interested in user design. Specifically in designing physical spaces and how we want users to move through space like an installation or exhibition. That being said it would be nice to try my hand at what user experience can look like digitally. I have experience using Adobe Suite (photoshop, indesign, illustrator. I have also done some wireframing for online projects in the past.

Developer: Familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’m no expert by any means but I know enough to get a basic site up and running. I also have some experience in game programming with p5.js which uses a mix of Processing and Javascript, as well as C programming for Arduino. I would like to sharpen my coding skills this semester.

Research:I have not done much academic research outside of research papers for undergraduate classes.

Project manager: I have not done this before, but in my job I do manage several projects at a time with competing deadlines. I’m sure there must be something transferable there. I think one of my skills lies in during a meeting taking notes, based on that voiding what the group feels is most important and helping us focus and prioritize tasks.

Outreach: I have some experience in outreach. I worked in marketing and community engagement for a couple arts organizations over the years. Last year a group of friends and I created a community workshop from start to finish.

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