Skillset – S.C. “Luci” Lucier

Hi! I have about a decade of work experience in NYC as a production manager and director in various areas. I’ve worked as a full-time freelancer in concert dance, musical theatre, private events, corporate events, and most recently, public exhibition (the companies and shows are a long list!). The MALS program is a great space to take courses that cover a broad range of study, especially for someone that is interested in museum exhibition design and execution. After working as a site manager for the Louis Vuitton pop-up museum, in which there were a surprising amount of artifacts from the 18th-century onward, I knew it was time to revisit my undergraduate History minor and launch into the Museum field. Digital Humanities is imperative to the future of museum (or pedagogical exhibition) science, and I am eager to learn as much as I can from this experience. Anything that I don’t know how to do, I can figure out – I’m a fast learner and will put in the work to make myself useful!

Project Management

This is my strongest attribute. I’m good with managing deadlines and gently helping everyone on the team meet those deadlines. I would say that my career is basically built on professional problem solving and being a team leader. This is true even for my hobby, non-work life: I’m the captain of two different roller derby teams in NYC. One of those teams has medaled at the World Championships every year for at least the last ten years, and the other team won the NYC local championship title of 2018. If you want bridge building and common-goal achievement, I’m definitely your person.


Very happy to fill this role in a group. I’m comfortable posting team progress and publicizing to build interest. One of my current roles is the Administrative Manager for a new museum that is being founded and built in Manhattan within the next year or two, so I am regularly discussing community engagement and the importance of outreach.


Definitely happy doing research in any capacity. Academic research, obviously, but most of my career has called for more artistic research. As a director (I’ve had shows in NYMF and Fringe, etc) I create concept collections and mood boards constantly. If there is some specific type of inspiration you are looking for, I generally am pretty good at providing options that help the team identify commonality, even in the abstract realm.


I do not have much knowledge in this area outside of some easy website design. I could definitely do some supporting work with a quick explanation of the process, the task at hand, and how to complete it.


The most I can contribute to this area is a proficient knowledge of Photoshop, due to studies in film/digital photography (I apprenticed under a Golden Case portrait photographer in Rhode Island for a couple of years). I also studied Sketch in undergraduate when I was completing courses in advanced Properties for theatre (I worked for Lincoln Center as a props person for a short time after college).

Note: I must be absent for class on Feb 19th. Will not miss any other classes. Happy to work remotely for that week. Will also meet outside Tuesday the week before when college is closed (Feb 12).

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