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The RAAD Project Database 1.0, Mission, Future, and related content resources can be found at The RAAD Project INTERACT with The RAAD Project via Twitter @theraadproject #theraadproject and The RAAD Project on Instagram CONTACT via direct email to The RAAD Project at TEAM RAAD is: Camilla Skoglie, Carolyn A. McDonough, Patty Accarino, Pamela Jean Stemberg Camilla Skoglie: Developer of the Project + The RAAD Project […]

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Data TRIKE Group Update

The Data TRIKE website was made fully live just before Spring Break and our requests for feedback went out at that point.  Sabina had put together a spreadsheet of all the people we wanted to contact and a template for our request email. Sabina and I made some changes to the website based on this […]

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The RAAD Project is LIVE

Hi classmates, Hi Andie, The RAAD Project public facing site is live. Feedback welcome! Sincerely, The RAAD Team — Carolyn, Camilla, Patty & Pam      

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RAAD Project Update

This week our group finished the logo thanks to Carolyn’s diligent work. There were a few final touches to the fonts, but the above is the final product. We ordered our swag and we’re on our way to the final presentation! The Omeka database has proved to be a challenge in trying to change the […]

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RAADProject News!

After weeks of work on Omeka and a realistic assessment of our dataset, we have decided to narrow our scope. We had hoped to be able to use ten percent of the records that we obtained or about 7,000 records. We realized that the task of cleaning and translating even seven thousand records (they were in French) was […]

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Data TRIKE week 9 update

Project TRIKE milestones for week 9 were to have the website shell tested and ready to receive content, and GitHub set up and ready to receive content. We more than made these milestones; all data sets and most of the narratives were up on GitHub, and we have started uploading content to the website. We’re […]

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Website / Lost Art Collective

Lost Art Collective will be housed temporarily on the CUNY Academic Commons at while we clean and prepare the data used in a French rapport, “ The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage. Toward a New Relational Ethics”. The finished project will be hosted through Reclaim Hosting and reside on an outside server for […]

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Project TRIKE Outreach and Social Media Plan

Our outreach goals are to build awareness of our project so as to start conversations about best practices and methodologies for transforming data, to get feedback which will help us improve our work, to invite DH practitioners to fork and iterate our project, and to substantiate future grant, conference and award applications. We will achieve […]

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Lost Art Collective / Outreach and Social Media Plans

Lost Art Collective / Outreach and Social Media Plans We have decided to use Instagram as our primary social media resource as it is a medium that supports visual content and would be ideal for sharing our visualizations. We will also create a website which will host out finish product. Our primary audience: Students: Africana […]

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Freedom Dreaming: Outreach and Social Media Plan

We’ve been considering our outreach and social media plan since the beginning of this project, primarily because a social media campaign is crucial to our project’s success. This week, we had a candid discussion regarding our timeline and when to actually begin implementing our social media campaign. We want to begin our social media campaign […]

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