Skill Sets: Pamela Stemberg

Project Management:

As unsexy as keeping everyone focused and on task as project management can be, this is one of the most important aspects of any project. Without it, you are dead in the water. In one of my first  management positions, I was in charge of planning and implementing many different projects, from simple computer  upgrades to decentralization of local bank branches. These project management skills came in handy again when producing news and documentaries. I had to manage not just the field crews, but the editing and delivery of the final piece in a timely fashion (sometimes, 24 hours!).

This skill set includes: realistic goal setting, step planning to reach intermediate goals, understanding “work hours,” scheduling, coordination, research methods, managing deliverables, leadership, communication, and issues related to programming that some projects might have while others do not. I have at one time or another been employed to use all of these skills.


As a labor and community organizer, it’s necessary to reach out to different communities. For the PSC (CUNY’s union), I am constantly reaching out to the community to engage members in the fight for 7K and funding for CUNY. When reaching out to people, it’s important to make sure that the needs of the communities are properly assessed and that the outreach is properly guided, otherwise, the time and energy goes to naught. I’ve done well when organizing people to do show up for an action.


I do well with WordPress, I’ve learned and forgotten Python, but that will take a few days to get up to speed if someone asked me. I wrote code in C, C++, unix shell script, and some widget code on Unix operating systems.


Software includes: Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, and most software designed for office technology.

I create Worpress websites for OER classes and have a great sense of balance when it comes to user interface.

While working in MRI Research, I created a user interface to make accessing UNIX tools more intuitive for researchers and MDs.


An important skill to have in almost any profession, but I use this skill everyday as a teacher of research and writing.

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