Skillsets: Sandy Mui

First, a bit about myself: my background is in journalism and digital/digital campaigning/web projects. As a journalist, I’m predominantly a writer, but I also have a lot of experience in social media management (especially Twitter), podcasting, email newsletters, and layout for The Excelsior (Brooklyn College’s student newspaper). Currently, I intern on the digital team at Everytown for Gun Safety, where I mostly work on web projects on the back-end (lots of coding), but I’ve also written email campaigns, tested digital assets, audited webpages, and drafted social media posts.


Probably my strongest skillset out of these categories. Since my background is in journalism, I’m constantly reaching out to people for interviews and more recently, to publications to try to freelance my stories. As mentioned above, I’ve also done a lot of work on social media and am best with Twitter.


I would consider my HTML/CSS experience “intermediate to advanced,” but I’m definitely better at HTML than CSS. I know enough to get the basic structure and design of a webpage up, but nothing too crazy. Still, much of my background in journalism/digital is in managing WordPress websites, so I have sufficient experience in this category.

Project Management

I still have a lot to learn in this category, but I’ve gotten some experience in project management at Everytown. Currently, I’m overseeing the new website for our Litigation team. I’ve also managed a couple of my own projects (one that’s close to completion, another that can be viewed here). My supervisor recently got the digital team on the project management platform Jira, which has helped greatly in outlining project management, but we’re all still fairly new to it.


In terms of software, I know how to use Adobe InDesign, since I use that to do layout for The Excelsior. Not much experience otherwise though.


I haven’t done a lot of academic research aside from research papers for undergraduate classes, but it’s not necessarily difficult for me. Of course, I do a lot of research for journalistic articles since background information is key to many of the features I write. Depending on what’s needed at work, I’m also constantly doing a lot of research for Everytown. This is an area I wouldn’t mind contributing to if needed in a group.

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