Data TRIKE Group Update

The Data TRIKE website was made fully live just before Spring Break and our requests for feedback went out at that point.  Sabina had put together a spreadsheet of all the people we wanted to contact and a template for our request email.

Sabina and I made some changes to the website based on this feedback, adding a new landing page.  Natasha and Sabina collected key feedback last Tuesday in class which we have been discussing and incorporating as appropriate.

Nancy put together an initial draft of our final project report based on our proposals and the course changes we have made over the semester.  The rest of the team has been going over this draft, adding comments and filling in sections.  In parallel, Hannah has been working hard on our dress rehearsal presentation which incorporates Luke’s and Andie’s feedback to our previous presentation.  In addition, there has been mutual informing between the presentation and the final report which has worked well to solidify our thoughts on what have proved the most challenging aspects of Data TRIKE to communicate.    When we have shaped the final report a little further, we will include some of its language in the website (where appropriate) to further clarify the purpose of the site, how it should be used, what it is not (at the moment) and what purposes it could serve in the future.

There has been a wonderful swirling of discussion around the central questions Data TRIKE seeks to address which confirms the buy-in and quality of contribution of each member of this team.  Everyone has been engaging with/contributing to the presentation, final report and/or website changes.

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