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A Call to Imagine (freedom dreaming)

ABSTRACT “In order to enact radical change we must first imagine the world we hope to build…We need to firmly anchor our journey towards this world with deeply rooted community values. We need to stretch the limits of our imagination beyond what we have been told to accept as true. And to do this, we […]

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Pitch: One Instrument: Propaganda and Censorship in the Post Atomic Occupation of Japan (A Virtual Reality Documentary)

Abstract Immediately following the August 6, 1945, and the August 9, 1945,  bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States Office of Censorship imposed an embargo on the images coming out of the two cities. News reports, as well as scientific information, were tightly controlled and vetted by the Office of […]

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Pitch: Proposal for Building a Digital Humanities Course to be Taught in Prison

Problem and goals: In view of the devastating effects of mass incarceration in the United States and in an effort to address the needs of incarcerated people as they rebuild their lives, I propose to design and develop a proof of concept for an undergraduate college-level course in digital skills and digital humanities to be […]

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Pitch: Teach Basic Concepts in Spatial Thinking and GIS Mapping to Digital Humanities Students

Project:  To develop a prototype for an online tutorial to Teach Basic Concepts in Spatial Thinking and GIS Mapping to Digital Humanities Students There’s been a growing interest among humanities scholars in exploring the capabilities of Global Information Systems (GIS) and applying these tools in their pedagogy and research.  These tools provide a new lens […]

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Pitch: Archive of Immigrant Newspapers

Sandy and I had originally proposed an aggregation and curation news site for stories produced by nonprofit media outlets. We decided to pitch another project, one that’s still journalism-oriented but focused on the digital archiving of historical immigrant newspapers in NYC. Here’s a partial version of our proposal, with a link to the more complete […]

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Project TRIKE — Project Proposal

MADH/MALS 75500 – praxis pitch summary Nancy Foasberg, Hannah House, Rob Garfield We’re presenting our summary as an FAQ for maximum clarity. Attached at the bottom are the key elements from our full project proposal. What is Digital Humanities Data? With the explosion of Intro to Digital Humanities (DH) courses, increasing numbers of humanities students are working […]

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Anthony & Raven Project Pitch

At this point, Anthony and I have been equally dividing the labor of this project, and envision a continuation of this within the expected roles. We have conducted outreach via the CUNY Community Colleges, and have acquired a list of supportive faculty who have offered their guidance along the way. Increased outreach might ideally manifest […]

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