Freedom Dreaming Update 4/19

This week in Freedom Dreaming: A Call to Imagine we’ve made exciting progress on our outreach efforts. Raven has been an excellent asset in aiding with our Instagram presence and our account has already reached 74 followers! We’re hoping to hit 100 followers before next class. If you haven’t already followed our account(s) please do (and tell all your friends!).

Instagram and Twitter: @call_to_imagine

I’ve been tracking our website traffic through our As of today at 8:55 am, we received the following data:

93 total clicks of the

  • 47 from Instagram
  • 35  from Email/SMS
  • 5 Twitter
  • 5 Facebook
  • 1 I-Message

Location of the clicks:

  • 90 United States
  • 2 Netherlands
  • 1 Ireland

Based on this data, we’ve been primarily using the website and Instagram as our primary spaces for the project, though we do maintain a Twitter account and Facebook page as well.

All groups members have been reaching out to recruit people for submissions (yay teamwork!) and we’ve already received 14 on the website! They are awesome, so you should definitely head over to our website to check them out.

We are still interested in submissions so please submit! It would help us out greatly if people from the class could get involved with our project. If you aren’t comfortable submitting publicly, our website allows for anonymous submissions. Feel free to only use your first name or a random name to keep your freedom dream anonymous. More information on ways to submit are in this update blog post we previously wrote. Ultimately, we are looking for submissions that critically engage with systemic oppression on the individual level and highlight that oppression to help address inequality. While we can’t control the submissions we receive, we are hoping that people engage with this project in the way that we’ve described and avoid general submissions like “I imagine freedom as joy”.

A big thank you to Sandy from the Immigrant Newspapers project on being the first class member outside of the group to submit a freedom dream! We appreciate it!

Overall, we are making excellent progress with the Freedom Dreaming project and are on track for our showcase presentation.


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