Freedom Dreaming Update: April 7th

Hello all!

It’s Brittany, back again with the latest updates on the Freedom Dreaming project. Here’s where we’re at.

  • Phase 1 Website is here!: Our Phase 1 website is ready to go! You can access our Phase 1 website here:  We are continuing to update the website content. While we wanted to have a more finalized copy/design/website to begin with, as we’ve gone through this process we’ve sort of taken on the “building the boat as it’s sailing” attitude by addressing copy, design or submission issues as they come up. If you notice any glaring issues, please feel free to let us know.
  • Ready for submissions!: We are interested in submissions! There are a few ways that people can submit. Individuals can go directly to the website and follow the instructions for submitting on that page or people can post their freedom dreams on their personal social media accounts (Instagram or Twitter), tag our social media accounts and use our hashtag #freedomdreaming. Please submit! It would help us out greatly if people from the class could get involved. We want to start sharing submissions on our social media to help generate more interest in the project. If you aren’t comfortable submitting publicly, our website allows for anonymous submissions.
  • What we’re looking for in submissions: The goal of the Freedom Dreaming project is to visualize the future that we want to live in, and harness the necessary tools and resources to actively move that dream towards a reality. In order to imagine freedom, we are asking that individuals address specific inequalities that they experience within their lives in the form of I, (your name), imagine freedom as ______.  An example would be “I, Brittany, imagine freedom as feeling safe while walking down the street, without being cat-called or harassed.” In this example, I am specifically addressing the gender inequality I experience when being in public spaces and allude to a future where I do not experience this gender-based street harassment. While we can’t control the submissions we receive, we are hoping that people engage with this project in the way that we’ve described above and avoid general submissions like “I imagine freedom as joy”. We want our participants to critically engage with systemic oppression on the individual level and highlight that oppression to help address inequality.
  • Please follow our social media accounts!: We have begun implementing our social media campaign. If you haven’t already followed our accounts, please do so! Since our project is rooted in building community, it is essential that we try to build as big of a following as possible. Please follow and tell your friends/family/colleagues, etc. to follow! Any extra promotion would be a great help for us! All accounts are listed below (though we primarily want people to follow Instagram/Twitter):
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @call_to_imagine
  • Instagram: @call_to_imagine

Thanks all!



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  1. Posted April 9, 2019 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for this update, Brittany. It sounds like the biggest energy expenditure at this point will be this initial social media push–following, linking, reposting/retweeting, using hashtags to begin building a following. I certainly hope the class will answer your call to contribute, but as a contingency plan I think it might also be interesting to consider the role of silence and absence in a project like this, and what it might mean when people don’t feel compelled to share (or how/when they do, whether there is anxiety about remaining anonymous).

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