Data TRIKE report: April 14th

The tech team, and the team as a whole, is working hard to get the website up and running. It’s not quite up yet, but it should be good and ready to roll any time now:

As a non-tech person, it’s been rather astounding watching it all in action on the website and over on our slack channel. There are so many details it would have never occurred to me to consider, and it’s really impressive watching my teammates working through it smoothly and collaboratively. There’s been some really exciting back-and-forth that I mostly understand between Hannah on the design front and our CSS wrangler Rob. Everyone has been pitching in to get all the exhibits up, and Sabina had some really good ideas for making the website more navigable by content and tech interests. Everyone has been contributing promptly when needed.

We introduced a new meme into our twitter rotation this week, and I continue to giggle no matter how many times I post them. Tweeting out the memes manually rather than using a bot has brought up some ethical questions to my mind about frequency of posting and who to target, which has been interesting to sit with and work through.

I’m really excited about the exhibits that we have to share, and I can’t wait until they’re up so that you can all see them!

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  1. Posted April 16, 2019 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    I’m looking forward to seeing the site in action–is the landing page going to remain the same, or is this one a placeholder? I think it includes a lot of useful and exciting information but might be too much once the full site is up, but I am interested to hear/see more.

    Why did you all decide against the bot? Was it too difficult/time consuming to program? While I agree that issues of ethics are always worth some reflection–ensuring especially that the message is clear and good-natured–I can see how having something automated might diminish the returns if the bot is posting too regularly and overwhelming folks with memes.

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