RAAD Project Update

This week our group finished the logo thanks to Carolyn’s diligent work.

There were a few final touches to the fonts, but the above is the final product. We ordered our swag and we’re on our way to the final presentation!

The Omeka database has proved to be a challenge in trying to change the field names. Currently, Patty has cleaned the records of 50 files (from the 70K we received) as a proof of concept exercise and I have uploaded them to the database. As of this moment, I have been unsuccessful in changing the field names to match those in the CSV files. However, in uploading the data, Omeka gives the opportunity to match the field names of the CSV file, with those of the standard names in the database and so the files have been uploaded according to the data map. Since we have a key, it will be easy to backtrack and change the field names as soon as we have an answer to the problem. We will be investigating this issue with Stephen Klein who has agreed to help us in the hopes of finding a solution to the database problem! But even if we don’t there is a database with records that shows how it will work in future iterations.

We continue to work on our final presentation, and we are reassessing our midterm slide show in the process. Our group has planned how we will break up the final white paper and with everyone’s consent, we will begin work on the final paper by creating a google document to which we will all contribute.

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