Immigrant Newspapers Update

This week in Immigrant Newspapers, we have been fine-tuning our public-facing website as we continue to build all of the profile pages of our newspapers.

We have made the decision to add another page to our site to independently house the interactive map. Originally, we thought it would be possible to house the map within the header of our homepage, making it the dominant element of our site. After finishing the coding for the map and realizing that it is bigger and more intricate than we originally thought, we decided that it deserved the space and dedication of its own page. This allows the user to understand more readily that there is more content on the homepage as they scroll down, and it also more concretely sets up the four ways in which to use our database.

Many advancements were made for the website this week, including font programming and a refinement of the tooltip boxes on our map. Slider background images were chosen for the site and are currently being uploaded. The footer of the site has been equipped with an Instagram plugin, recent post listings, and a search bar. The sidebar of the site is currently being debugged. We have been encountering an issue with our FAQ drop-down/accordion when viewed on mobile devices, which we are currently troubleshooting.

Our plan is to attempt to finish our current work notes by the weekend and to reconvene on Tuesday. At that point we will send the site to test users and have one week to make final adjustments. Priorities for group members this week include: Antonios on logo and advanced website issues, Sandy on site copy and profile pages, Jen on map tweaking and profile pages, and Luci on website aesthetics and launch presentation preparation (though we are all doing many more things as we work together in our final push).


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