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Data TRIKE report: 6 April 2019

Hello fine professor and classmates, Follow us on Twitter: @projectTRIKE — I just realized I was supposed to post the group project update for last week (sorry team), so this is covering two weeks. Things are going swimmingly on Data TRIKE. We are busy, busy, busy. Last weekend Natasha, Nancy and I posted our narratives […]

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Immigrant Newspapers Update

This week for Immigrant Newspapers, it’s all about the website building! Work is basically a continuation of last week, with significantly more progress. We have created our first profile page for a newspaper and are halfway through the creation of the homepage. The map itself is nearly done, and when that is ready this weekend […]

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ImmigrantNewspapers Update

This week, Immigrant Newspapers has made some really great progress. We are at the crucial point of pulling together all of our hard work so far and publishing. We have purchased our Domain and successfully installed the WordPress theme that was chosen. Most of the decisions have been made regarding the language that will be […]

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Lost Art Collective is now [under construction] and is an acronym for reclaiming african art diaspora We obtained a server through Reclaim Hosting, with the help of the GC. Carolyn registered our domain name, opened a Reclaim account, and installed Omeka to our server on Monday, March 25. On Wed. March 27, Camilla, Carolyn, and […]

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Freedom Dreaming Update 3/28

Hello all! It’s Brittany, back with the latest updates on the Freedom Dreaming project. Here are the highlights: We are hoping to have our Phase 1 website and the social media campaign completed and implemented by April 1. Currently, you can access our Phase 1 website (which is currently in draft form but should be […]

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Immigrant Newspapers Update

This week, we have made quite a few positive advancements for immigrant newspapers! We are working really hard in this critical moment of realization of the project. The group agreed on a WordPress theme that works for us and incorporates all of the elements that we were hoping for on our website. We can upload […]

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Lost Art Collective – Project Update Mar 22

The Lost Art Collective team has been focused on gathering and preparing our data for entry into Omeka.  Given that the data is the heart of the project, we’d like to elaborate on how we acquired our datasets and the steps to ‘clean’ and ‘prep’ the information. The heart of this project is based on […]

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Project TRIKE week 8 summary

Week 8 was a busy one for Project TRIKE with our first major content deadline arriving on 3/19.  All of our data sets are ready with a little more work to do on the analyses and transformations in some cases. Nancy and Rob tracked down a strange, abstruse bug in one of her automation scripts.  […]

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Freedom Dreaming Public-Facing Site and Social Media

This past week, the Freedom Dreaming team has been busy getting our public facing website and social media accounts ready to go. Since the primary basis of our project requires an interactive website and social media accounts, these items have already been a high priority for our team. Previously, we had already drafted a large […]

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Immigrant Newspapers

Immigrant  Newspapers A clear deadline and plan for launching your public-facing site/social media accounts Deadline for Social Media launch: March 30 List at least 5 post ideas with text by March 23 – planning of first few posts Make a production and posting schedule for the account Assign posting in partnership with schedule Deadline for […]

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