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The RAAD Project Database 1.0, Mission, Future, and related content resources can be found at The RAAD Project INTERACT with The RAAD Project via Twitter @theraadproject #theraadproject and The RAAD Project on Instagram CONTACT via direct email to The RAAD Project at TEAM RAAD is: Camilla Skoglie, Carolyn A. McDonough, Patty Accarino, Pamela Jean Stemberg Camilla Skoglie: Developer of the Project + The RAAD Project […]

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The RAAD Project is LIVE

Hi classmates, Hi Andie, The RAAD Project public facing site is live. Feedback welcome! Sincerely, The RAAD Team — Carolyn, Camilla, Patty & Pam      

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The RAAD Project: Update 4/17

This week, The RAAD Project has been striving to bring the database to fruition. We’re also fleshing out our Commons site, which will house our online “white paper” and a direct link to the Omeka database (we hope). We are still identifying the contributors for the various sections of our white paper: Abstract [Carolyn] Methodology […]

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Lost Art Collective is now [under construction] and is an acronym for reclaiming african art diaspora We obtained a server through Reclaim Hosting, with the help of the GC. Carolyn registered our domain name, opened a Reclaim account, and installed Omeka to our server on Monday, March 25. On Wed. March 27, Camilla, Carolyn, and […]

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Reflection on a Data Management Plan

I made an appt. for Camilla and I to meet with librarian Stephen Klein, the Digital Dissertation Librarian, before class last Monday Feb. 26. He had good news for us about working with Omeka for the LAC group project CONTENT, DATA and OBJECTIVES, and bad news for us about the “RIGHTS + USAGE” of our […]

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Carolyn A. McDonough — Personal Bio + Contribution Statement

Personal Bio     Carolyn is a graduate student in the MA in Digital Humanities (first cohort) and the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Programs.   She holds her BA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Vassar College and her first MA in Media Studies from The New School. Examples of Carolyn’s interdisciplinary academic work […]

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Carolyn A. McDonough — Personal Journal Entry 2/17/19

On Friday, Feb. 15, after attending the Alan Liu talk (which was intense and special) I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the exhibition Jewelry The Body Transformed. Among the items on view is this Warrior’s Neck Ornament (above) which is displayed vertically. In the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Paris ( […]

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Lost Art Collective — Revised Project Plan (edited)

Per a project meeting today with Camilla, please find the Lost Art Collective Revised Project Plan (edited below). War Charm, Papua-New Guinea, Admiralty Islands, 20th century (wood, frigate bird feathers, leaves, beads, pigments and resin) Photo © musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, photo by Thierry Ollivier, Michel Urtado Team Members and Roles: Carolyn […]

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NYCDH Week Reflection on IMDb as a Dataset for Digital Humanities Workshop

I attended the IMDb as a Dataset for Digital Humanities workshop on Wed. Feb. 6 (Nancy Foasberg was in attendance also). The presenters were friendly and knowledgeable, and their combined expertise areas were Media Studies (Cindy Conaway) and Computer Science (Diane Shichtman). An early valuable takeaway from the workshop for me was their definition of […]

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Carolyn A. McDonough #skillset

Research + Interactive, digital media Content Development + Editing/Writing/Blogging + Curation: Photo/Audio/Video + WordPress Blogging  -Photographic Research/Visual Anthropology and Audio/Video Research include: multi-format research, procuring content, gaining permissions and/or licensing, and purchase of curated content (if budgets allow). -PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO CAPTURE  -PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO UPLOAD -Embedded Video -Embedded Timelines (specifically, Knight Lab JS3 Timeline, a WordPress plug-in that accommodates embedded video […]

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