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Lost Art Collective will be housed temporarily on the CUNY Academic Commons at LostArt.commons.gc.edu while we clean and prepare the data used in a French rapport, “ The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage. Toward a New Relational Ethics”.


The finished project will be hosted through Reclaim Hosting and reside on an outside server for the next two years and will be renamed RAAD.edu.omeka.org. RAAD is an abbreviation for Reclaiming African Art Diaspora. Omeka will serve as the back end of the project site and we will use plug-ins such as Neatline for our visualizations. We will launch social media accounts and a preliminary version of the website by April 15th.

The finished wed site will include information about the project, its purpose and how it can be used. It will also contain a brief history section to give context to the subject, in addition to providing a catalog of the artwork in question. This catalog will be searchable so users can utilize this tool to look for specific information they might be interested in. Additional sections will be the open source database and a contact section.

The website will have a clean look, probably with a light background for easy reading and navigating and with a solid color theme. Ideally, the landing page design will be minimal, containing the name of the project and a visualization, before the user is taken on to the site. The website will feature data visualization of the journey of the African artwork. The catalog will not include images of the artwork due to a complicated issue of rights usage. However, each item in the catalog will be equipped with a link to the item’s image contained in the database of the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac in Paris, so the users can gain visual access to the artwork of interest.

Our minimal viable product will be a searchable database website with the following sections:

  • About
  • Brief historical context
  • Catalog of artwork
  • Open source database
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Visualizations
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  1. Posted March 19, 2019 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    That’s so raad!

  2. Posted March 26, 2019 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about the database and data entry to think further about how many records the MVP might include! It’s also worth drafting out some specific use cases as to the kinds of questions your database will help answer, which can be included in the “About” page.

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