Project TRIKE Outreach and Social Media Plan

Our outreach goals are to build awareness of our project so as to start conversations about best practices and methodologies for transforming data, to get feedback which will help us improve our work, to invite DH practitioners to fork and iterate our project, and to substantiate future grant, conference and award applications. We will achieve our outreach goals by means of a website, a GitHub repository, Twitter feeds, emails and other forms of digital messaging. We will also develop non-digital outreach and communication materials which we will disseminate shortly before and at the GC Digital Showcase on 5/14.

Web presence

Our website and GitHub repository will be live on 4/16.

Social media

We will  create a Twitter bot which will do the social media posting.


The audiences we have in mind as we build our project are

  • DH undergraduate and graduate students
  • DH undergraduate and graduate instructors
  • DH Faculty
  • DH community:
    • peers in GC DH MA
    • GC Digital Fellows
    • CUNY Academic Commons groups such as
      • MA in Digital Humanities
      • Digital Humanities Initiative
      • Data for Public Good
    • other DH groups such as
      • Group for Experimental Methods at Columbia/Studio@Butler
      • GO::DH
      • Library research groups at CUNY libraries


The platforms we will use are

  • WordPress
  • GitHub
  • Twitter

Design and Accessibility

The current design plan is to use a minimalistic, black and white aesthetic for the web page. This will allow for the greatest level of accessibility, while still looking chic and cool. Our logo design will take this aesthetic principal into consideration as well.

We will use online tools for checking contrast compliance levels and non-ornate typefaces so as to be screen-reader friendly. We will include alternative text wherever possible and reach out for advice on accessibility.


We will communicate in Slack and follow the general guidelines for project development established in the detailed work plan. In addition to these we note the following parameters:

  • Tone: the tone of our social media presence will be deliberately lighter and more glib than that of our direct communications. We see our social media presence as a tool to generate interest, excitement, and draw attention to some of our core beliefs. The tone of other forms of communication will adjust according to audience.
  • Responses: when someone replies or responds to content, any one of us may respond, but Sabina is in charge of making sure all responses to all emails sent to the email address listed on the website are responded to. Natasha is responsible for maintaining Twitter and tweeting regularly from 4/16 to 5/20. We all agree that retweeting or liking implies endorsement.
  • Passwords: all passwords to all accounts will be listed in a shared document accessible through our Slack site.

Copywriting for outreach

Natasha will write and revise a brief introduction to Project TRIKE for outreach and communication purposes.

Grants, awards, conferences, talks

We are considering applying for a series of grants, awards, conferences and talks.

*    *    *    *   *   *    *    *    *    *    *

Editorial calendar

Week 7 – 3/12

Project milestones: outreach and communication working plan in place.

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • publication of revised outreach and communication plan on MALS 75500 website (Sabina)

Week 8 – 3/19

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • brief description of project for outreach (Natasha)
  • expand the list of people and groups we want to interest as well as conferences, talks, awards and grants we should apply to (Nancy) (everyone else is invited to contribute)

Note: Sabina will be away from 3/14 to 3/19

Week 9 – 3/26

Project milestones: Website shell tested and ready to receive content; GitHub set up and ready to receive content

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • logo ideas (Rob, Hannah to advise on reproducability)
  • one slide for April GC DH MA lightning talk application (to be determined)
  • review outreach and communication materials (Natasha and Sabina)
  • apply for GC DH MA lightning talk on or before 3/20 (deadline is 3/22) (Sabina)
  • prototype of Twitter bot (Natasha)

Week 10 – 4/2

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • drafts of introductory emails and messages (Sabina)
  • test Twitter bot (Natasha)

Week 11 – 4/9

Project milestones: project site live and fully populated

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • final drafts of above-mentioned emails, messages and tweets (Natasha and Sabina)
  • list of recipient addresses (Sabina)
  • draft of NYCDH Student Award application (Sabina)

Agenda for in-class meeting: discuss non-digital outreach materials for pre-presentation buzz and presentation

Week 12 – 4/16

Project milestones: documentation posted to GitHub; data posted to GitHub

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • send introductory emails and messages (Sabina)
  • manage pre-presentation buzz and presentation non-digital outreach materials (Natasha and Sabina)

Note: Nancy is away 4/30 to 5/5

Week 13 – spring break  

Week 14 – 4/30

Project milestones: project site finalized and locked; GitHub content finalized and locked

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • manage outreach feedback collection (Sabina)
  • manage Twitter feed collection (Natasha)
  • manage pre-presentation buzz and presentation non-digital outreach materials (Natasha and Sabina)

Agenda for in-class meeting: workshop presentation draft

Week 15 – 5/7

Individual minimum deliverables:

  • manage communication pre-presentation buzz (Natasha)
  • manage outreach pre-presentation buzz (Sabina)

Agenda for in-class meeting: dress rehearsal

Week 16 – 5/14

Public project launch at the GC Digital Showcase

Week 17 – 5/21

Project milestones: project sunsetting activities

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