Freedom Dreaming: Outreach and Social Media Plan

We’ve been considering our outreach and social media plan since the beginning of this project, primarily because a social media campaign is crucial to our project’s success. This week, we had a candid discussion regarding our timeline and when to actually begin implementing our social media campaign. We want to begin our social media campaign and overall outreach efforts as soon as possible, but all feel that it is important to have a website up and running even if it’s in a rudimentary stage. Our current website plan is beautiful, custom and well-designed, however, it will not be ready for at least another month. Alas, we’ve had to move on to Plan B in order to help move the project along.

Plan B: We are creating a quick WordPress website (Phase 1 website) with the content that we’ve already written. It will not be as flashy or beautiful as we intend (Phase 2 website), but it’s a start. Our Phase 2 website will continue to be developed in hopes that we can reveal it at the final presentation. For this week, we all assigned tasks that were dedicated to our marketing/outreach/social media:

Brittany: Start the outreach content (deck, email copy), set up Hootsuite.

Kiana: Begin building the WordPress Phase 1 website.

Anthony: Check in with Matt on hashtag tracking, consider social media data collection strategies.

Andrea: Design logo and banner, keep pushing forward the Phase 2 website.

We have purchased a domain name and have also created a Gmail account ( to support the project. The hashtag we are planning to use with the project is #freedomdreaming and our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram are both @call_to_imagine.  As of now, we are planning to utilize Hootsuite to schedule our social media posts and content, and to manage all social media submissions (retweets and reposts). We haven’t decided on one specific person to do this task yet, so this will be decided soon. We currently all have the passwords and account information.

Prior to any outreach, we are planning to test the website and project with individuals from Kiana’s original Freedom Dreaming participants/group. Additionally, we are all planning to help with outreach since it is such a large portion of our project. We are each collecting email addresses, organizations to reach out to, Facebook Groups to post in, etc from our specific networks. Anthony is able to conduct some student outreach as a call for participation through the Humanities department at LaGuardia Community College. We also have some faculty who are willing and able to spread the word for participation around CUNY. Raven also has connections to scholars all over through the Future’s Initiative and HASTAC. These scholars can contribute to the project as well as expand our reach beyond New York City. Brittany, Andrea and Kiana have their own specific networks which they plan on reaching out to as well.

We have all expressed interest in continuing the project beyond the class. Ultimately, our goal would be to have the project go viral so that we receive a large data set to analyze.

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