Project TRIKE week 8 summary

Week 8 was a busy one for Project TRIKE with our first major content deadline arriving on 3/19.  All of our data sets are ready with a little more work to do on the analyses and transformations in some cases.

Nancy and Rob tracked down a strange, abstruse bug in one of her automation scripts.  Hannah, given her dataset involves large numbers of images, addressed the GitHub repository size restrictions.

Rob put together a QA plan for the website, posted to GitHub, which needs breakdown into a proper matrix with attendant responsibility assignments.

Our outreach plan, solidified by Sabina last week, is now being filled in with target faculty and departments.  When we move to contact our targets, we will need to have our “About” page in its final state and set up on the website.  Our choice was to use the final site URL and put a redirect on the front page so visitors will not easily to be able to see our site as it is being built.  That redirect will go up on Thursday 3/21.

The website now has its final theme and structure.  We discussed the nomenclature of our dataset projects and decided to call them “Exhibits”.  Each exhibit will need its own structure on the website, so we will remain agile about their architecture.

Natascha received approval from Twitter to implement a bot that will listen for key phrases (such as “raw data”) across the twittersphere, retweet them with a light, corrective note, and point people to our “About” page.

We discussed changing the name of the project from Project TRIKE to Data TRIKE to be more informative.  Everyone agreed and a good time was had by all.  Tiny Tim survived and came to think of Scrooge as a second father.

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    Data TRIKE sounds like a great “upgrade” to the team’s name. I really like the idea of a Twitter bot that points to the site, though I wonder how often it will do this and whether that might begin to look like spam? I’m sure you’ve thought about these issues already, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about how this will be deployed. I also think that outreach will be really crucial to the getting a true sense of the project and its contributions–what’s clear and transparent, what feels like it has been written by people who understand data really well and perhaps take more base-level questions for granted (it’s always hard to find that nuance when we’re the depths of a project). Is a standard set of questions going around to your contacts? Are you hoping to receive and address feedback in the weeks leading up to the showcase, or is that a plan for further down the line?

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