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This past week, the Freedom Dreaming team has been busy getting our public facing website and social media accounts ready to go. Since the primary basis of our project requires an interactive website and social media accounts, these items have already been a high priority for our team. Previously, we had already drafted a large amount of the written website content including:

  • Our initial website landing page prompt
  • A short explanation or “elevator pitch”
  • “About” section
  • “History of the project” section
  • “How to” section
  • Further prompts to help facilitate additional conversation (to be listed on the website and utilized on social media)
  • The intended website “vibe” section
  • A beginning list of resources
  • Some beginning notes on a privacy policy/legal disclaimer

As noted in previous blog posts we plan to utilize a Phase 1 website and a Phase 2 website. The Phase 1 website will be rolled out and promoted to the public (as well as the social media accounts) within the next 2 weeks. The Phase 2 website will be transitioned to by our final presentation.

When considering the design of our websites, our designer Andrea created some beautiful mockups included below:

The above images were included in our deliberation process. Ultimately, as a team, we preferred all images within the black and gold/yellow color scheme. The black signifies the darkness of systems of oppression and the impact it can have on individuals lives. The gold/yellow signifies hope, lightness, and optimism for a better future, one where true freedom can be achieved for all. This is continued to the logo that was also developed by Andrea, which will be used for all our social media accounts.

For this week, we are hoping to complete the following tasks so that the next time that we meet we can begin to reach out for feedback to finalize our content. Below are the tasks that we’ve decided on for each group member:

Andrea: Finalize design, brand identity, social media deliverables and add CMS to the website. Email an individual who may be able to help consult for the project.

Anthony: Book an appointment with Agustin to discuss pulling social media data and begin a basic plan for what we want to look for in our future data.

Brittany: Create social media bios, get Hootsuite connected, finalize email copy content, and type up Group post.

Kiana: Finalize a draft of the correct colors, type, and structure of Phase 1 website.

Raven: Finalize a draft of a Digital Flyer(s) and edit email copy.

All: Write up specific freedom dreaming examples and a short simple bio.

We’ve been making great progress as a group and hope to continue our momentum with the project into the following weeks as we continue our outreach efforts and implement our social media campaign. In the near future, we will begin deciding on how we will handle and manage the social media content as a team.

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