Data TRIKE report: 6 April 2019

Hello fine professor and classmates,

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I just realized I was supposed to post the group project update for last week (sorry team), so this is covering two weeks.

Things are going swimmingly on Data TRIKE. We are busy, busy, busy.

Last weekend Natasha, Nancy and I posted our narratives for the three initial data project exhibits that will be hosted on Data TRIKE, and we all plus Rob reviewed and gave feedback on each others’ work. There was an intense period of revisions and re-review. I think each piece is the stronger for it. Mine certainly is.

We’re in a big push to finish getting content up on our site. Sabina and Rob are working on embedding the more complex supporting visuals for Nancy and Natasha’s pieces. I put my own content up, under Sabina’s expert guidance, because my visuals are all static images at the moment. Natasha and I both have supporting visuals made in Tableau, but it seems the WordPress install on the Commons may not allow embedding Tableau, so we’re using screenshots for now as a workaround. Still a little digging going on about that.

We understand our website doesn’t have to be perfect before circulating the link, and it won’t be, but we need at least a first draft of content in there so that people have something meaningful to react to. We’re really excited to start sending it around and gathering feedback. Should be in that place by Tuesday.

Natasha has continued our social media teaser campaign on Twitter, posting our data memes in response to tweets that reference “raw data” or “clean data”.

It’s really amazing seeing all this hard work for the past 10(?) weeks coming together and our site getting built out.

Next up we’ll be working on outreach language, contacting people on our outreach list (which we already have together) to solicit feedback, and maybe doing more with our Twitter feed (tbd).

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this Saturday.


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