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Data TRIKE report: 6 April 2019

Hello fine professor and classmates, Follow us on Twitter: @projectTRIKE — I just realized I was supposed to post the group project update for last week (sorry team), so this is covering two weeks. Things are going swimmingly on Data TRIKE. We are busy, busy, busy. Last weekend Natasha, Nancy and I posted our narratives […]

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Personal journal: data management and research practices

Prompt: Personal journal entries reflecting on how data management can improve your research practices Having a good data management plan from the outset of a project can help improve the efficiency of a project by making clear upfront what file formats and organizational structures should be used. This prevents rework and needing to make last […]

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Project TRIKE update: week 5 of 17

Group report covering 2/20-2/26 It was a busy week! Lots of back and forth on the team Slack channel. Nancy, Natasha, Sabina and Rob had a great running brainstorm and discussions around potential projects and datasets. Meanwhile, I developed a detailed work plan and posted it as a shared Google Slides doc for group review […]

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Personal Bio and Contribution Statement: Hannah House

Bio Hannah is used to her bio being in the third person, so that is how she is writing this post. Hannah I. House is a student in the MA in Digital Humanities program at the Graduate Center at CUNY. She has extensive experience with project management, production, and multichannel implementation gained over a nearly […]

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Detailed Work Plan: Project TRIKE

Our detailed work plan is a living Google Slides doc. Anyone may view it and leave comments anytime at the link below: Project TRIKE detailed work plan   Best, Team TRIKE

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“Are we a Team?” checklist

I like this a lot. Sharing with the class in case it can be of help or interest. I’d also love to hear reactions in the comments! Do these seem like good principles to you? Why or why not? Are there any with which you particularly agree or disagree? “Are We a Team?” checklist (Levin […]

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Journal Entry 1: Hannah House

  Journal entry Gregorian calendar date: 17 February 2019   Readers — feel free not to be.  I was on the fence whether to post this publicly or privately. This will be boring and irrelevant to most of you, however I do like cheerleading great people in public (see mentions of my teammates in this […]

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NYCDH Week Reflection: How can software workshops be more productive?

There is a conundrum with workshops that seek to teach new software tools which I’d already noticed last semester in GC workshops, and that is the time required to get the software running on people’s machines. Sometimes the installation requires using the command line and editing sensitive system files, which not every computer user is […]

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Skillset: Hannah House

Development This is what I would like to focus on this semester. I have some python and am looking for opportunities to develop that further. I’m also interested in minimal computing and am just starting to learn about static site generators. I am looking for an opportunity in these praxis projects to grow my development […]

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