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Hey all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Below I added the necessary skill-sets and a little bit about my background which I think could be helpful.

The Basics:


MA in Women’s and Gender Studies, DePaul University

BS in Secondary Education: English and Communications, Penn State University

Current Work

Curriculum Mapping Specialist, CUNY School of Medicine

Freelance Blogger



  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Hootsuite
  • Hubspot
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics

This is one of my strongest skill-sets. During my time at DePaul University, I worked part-time for the Women and Gender Studies department as their social media assistant coordinator (primarily running their Facebook page). After I graduated from DePaul, I worked in Digital Marketing for a little over 3 months at a startup in Chicago. I ran all their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Instagram, etc.). Additionally, I wrote blog posts for SEO management for both blogs within the start-up (B2B and B2C directed) which were housed in WordPress. Next, I took a job as the Education and Training Specialist for the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, The University of Chicago. In addition to developing education and programming including real-time and recorded web events (e.g., webinars and webcasts), online courses, self-study materials, instructor-led training and live educational programs at meetings and conferences, I also worked to promote the Alliance’s clinical trials through implementing social media campaigns that utilized Hootsuite to increase member engagement, boost study accrual, and raise overall awareness of clinical cancer research and trials. For the last three years I have/continue to write blog content for a variety of companies including Sittercity, Multicultural Consulting Services, and Lu Rocha Counseling.  I would be a great asset to any team looking to make their project produce a high outreach using social media and blog content.

Project Manager:

  • Asana (Project Management App)
  • Google Apps
  • Cvent (Event Planning Software)

This is another of my strong skill-sets. During my various professional roles, I have utilized Asana, a project management app, to successfully manage and complete projects with several different team members. During my time as a graduate student at DePaul, I worked with colleagues to submit collaborative proposals to conferences, and once accepted, write and present collaborative work (check my LinkedIn page for more information on my collaborative conference presentations and workshops).  I am excellent at organizing work in order to complete all projects in a timely manner (feel free to ask to see my personal Google calendar, it’s one of my proudest working achievements haha). I work well collaborating with others and as a leader. I enjoy working with people, managing tasks, creating timelines, and helping to make a final project become a reality.  I feel that I would fit very well into this role in any project.


  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (some skills, would be interested in further developing)
  • Moodle (Open Source, LMS)
  • LCMS+ (LMS)

This is a more limited skill-set for me. I have built some WordPress blogs in the past (mostly for personal use). Professionally, I have used Adobe Captivate and QuickTime to create and design online learning modules and various educational YouTube content. I have some limited skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that I would be interested in developing a bit further. I have done some limited work designing in Moodle and currently work LCMS+ (but I do minimal design/developing within the system). I could definitely help with some aspects of design and would be open to taking this role on in a partial manner. 


I don’t really have any programming/developer skill-sets and, to be honest, I am not particularly interested in developing this skill further within the breadth of this class. I find programming/developing very interesting, however for the sake of this class and the project I will be working on, I would not be interested/advise having me into this role.


Particularly interested/well versed on the topics below:

  • Feminist (Intersectional) Theory
  • Feminist Pedagogy
  • Popular Education/Critical Pedagogy
  • Alternative Education
  • Social Justice/Activism
  • Oncology (Limited)
  • Medical School Curriculum

Based on my previous and current academic and work experience, research is definitely a strong skill-set of mine. I currently work within the Research and Evaluation department of the CUNY School of Medicine, so research is a dominant aspect of my daily professional life and something I feel very comfortable taking on. In the past, I have contributed to a variety of research projects (both my own research and others research) and have completed my MA in Women’s and Gender Studies (as noted above). Last semester, in lieu of a project proposal, I submitted an exploratory research paper. I would most definitely be interested in contributing to this role in a partial or complete capacity. 

For more information about my skills, publications, conference work and previous professional roles, please feel free to connect with me or check out my LinkedIn page!

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