Skillset: Nancy Foasberg


There are a lot of development skills I’d really like to, um, develop. I know a very small amount about a lot of things:
  • Web — my HTML skills are actually pretty good! I’m not extremely knoweldgeable about any of the development tools like Dreamweaver or anything like that, but I can do decent markup in a text editor. My CSS skills are a little weaker. I have a general familiarity with WordPress, but not expert-level — I don’t know how to make themes or anything like that —  and I’m taking the Omeka workshops at DH Week just in case. I learned a little bit about GitHub and Git at the GC Digital Research Institute and could work on that.
  • Python — I’ve dipped my toe into Python and am really enjoying it. I’ve picked up as much of the basics as I could in the last several months, so I’m starting to get comfortable, but don’t exactly know how to do stuff yet. BUT I really want to learn!
  • SQL — I actually learned a lot of SQL once upon a time, but I’m extremely, extremely rusty, but I feel like I could pick it up again, maybe?
  • Network Analysis — this is the thing I’m trying to learn! I still don’t know a lot, but I’m going to try to learn it regardless of whether it’s part of this project or not.


This is not my strength! I took a graphic design class once and it was a total nightmare. I’m not very visually oriented, and I’m not very good at figuring out how other people do things (it usually isn’t how I do things), so this is an area that I’m happy to leave to someone else.


I don’t think I’m that great at finely crafting the best language for outreach, and I’m easily intimidated by this sort of thing, but I do have a couple strengths:
  • I’ve been working as a faculty librarian at CUNY for over a decade, so I know a lot of people, especially librarians.
  • I’m on Twitter, though I don’t have a huge network there.
  • I have run workshops before, most notably a Wikipedia edit-a-thon.
  • I’m Creative Commons certified, so I can help with CC licensing, and I’m definitely up for talking about openness. I’m not sure whether that should go under outreach or development, though.

Project Management

I don’t know anything about project management and find it a little intimidating. I definitely don’t know any of the technical stuff about planning. However, I have taught classes, which might involve some similar skills.


I’m a research librarian, so I have those skills — identifying academic sources is something I’m pretty good at. I have subject knowledge in literature and a little in the humanities more broadly. I’m also a good writer; I’ve published several academic papers, which I know isn’t exactly a guarantee of good writing, but I do think I’ve gotten better at it. I’m always told my literature reviews are the thing I do well.
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