Skillset: Sabina Pringle

Hello all, great to see you again and great to meet the new people.

This is my skillset (eeeegh I feel like I’m applying for a job!)

Outreach: I’m a sociable person most of the time, I talk a lot but have also learned to listen, so outreach comes to me naturally. I teach at City College and work in the Office of Legal Counsel at Baruch so I’m familiar with institutional bureaucracy. I build WordPress sites all the time, hardly ever use Twitter but keep meaning to get that together, have stopped using Facebook (haven’t deleted my account yet) and am interested in migrating to Mastodon or some other alternative to Facebook. I’m also a non-teaching adjunct at Baruch where I develop curricula and assist in writing grants with the English as an Additional Language program, which involves practicing my keen creative, organizational and interpersonal skills.

Project Manager: I can do this. I think projects should be managed collaboratively but it is necessary to have one person who is ultimately responsible for making sure everything gets done. I know I can do this because I conceived, wrote, managed and produced a huge project when I was Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and then Fulbright Senior English Teaching Assistant at Universidad del Atlantico in Barranquilla, Colombia, from 2015 to 2017. The project was a contemporary Caribbean adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, in Spanish. It started as my civic engagement project and morphed into an interdisciplinary public university production with a team of 80 students and 11 professors from four departments (Theater, Dance, Music, Fine Arts), who developed the project in five courses (three core courses and two electives) over one semester. I oversaw and coordinated the entire production team. I wrote and obtained a $17,000 public university grant for the project, which was no mean feat in Colombia where bureaucracy is totally Kafkaesque and getting $17,000 is like getting $70,000 in the U.S. The play was a great success and kept running for a whole year with numerous performances in Barranquilla as well as a performance in Bogota, one in Santa Marta and others in other Colombian towns. It was an amazing experience and took up a year and a half of my life.

Designer/UX: I build WordPress sites all the time (I know I already said that). I teach undergraduates how to build WordPress sites. I have a good intuitive sense of design but still a whole load to learn. I took DHUM 74000: Data Visualization last summer and really enjoyed figuring out what kind of visualization best serves a given dataset. I used Tableau and Github.

Developer: very little experience in this area, but a voracious desire to learn. I’m taking DHUM 71000: Software Design Lab with Patrick Smythe and a few of you this semester, so soon I’ll be unbelievably proficient in developing whatsoever a future team manager might require.

Other Skills: I write. I read. I love doing research. I speak fluent Spanish and French. I worked as truck dispatcher in an international transport company in Spain for five years and then as traffic manager in another for two years, so I know a lot about trucks, some of the challenges truck drivers face and the geography of European industrial zones.

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