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Although I’m in a full time job and I ‘ve got a lot of matters to run during the weekend, I had the chance to attend at the Kickoff event of the Digital Humanities week. I fancied the open discussion panel between the four speakers who expressed their opinion on different topics concerning Democracy and archives. Especially the five minute presentation of a certain project of the speakers was quite interesting for me, since they were discussing about real live events and demonstrated how Digital Humanities enables us to contemplate what we know and how we know it and democratize the production of knowledge.

I did not have the change to join the keynote speaker Meredith Broussard, as I was late at the conference, but from what I got informed, she was very interested regarding research issues and methods for preserving digital journalism projects in archives for current audience.

In February 8 I was attending the workshop regarding Humanitarian Open Street Mapping for All. The speaker of the workshop Adrianna Martinez seemed to be a very well educated person. She had a deep knowledge of the tool and was quite friendly with the students. The workshop took place in New York Institute of Technology, there were some minor problems I would like to mention.
There was no WIFI-Access at all, although all of the students had their own laptops. After quite a lot of time they decided to provide us with their own laptops so that we can have WIFI-Access. The time of the workshop lasted just one hour, although it was scheduled for two hours. Nevertheless, we had a deep digging into the GIS-Tool and we managed to learn how to join data sources and visualize them in order to create a map.
But to be honest, I was expecting to be taught in deep regarding GIS-Tools on the grounds that I had a Geospatial Humanities course for that semester. The level was not equal but at least we got some extra knowledge on that matter.

I wish I would have been able to attend more workshops during that week but as already mentioned, due to my job I was not able to. Several times I was thinking and asking myself why the workshops were scheduled in such a way, so that people with regular jobs have no chance to attend them. That is a urgent matter and should be considered for next year’s workshops. I also need to mention that it could be a good idea to be set up live webinars during the presentation, as that could limited the distances across the city. Last but not least the hours of workshops and lectures have to be available to students and other digital humanists during evening time, as in the morning students, adjuncts and digital humanists are quiet busy.

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