Project TRIKE update: week 5 of 17

Group report covering 2/20-2/26

It was a busy week! Lots of back and forth on the team Slack channel. Nancy, Natasha, Sabina and Rob had a great running brainstorm and discussions around potential projects and datasets. Meanwhile, I developed a detailed work plan and posted it as a shared Google Slides doc for group review and comments. Our work is continuing apace, though we’re all aware that things may change. We will revisit and adjust the work plan as needed. 

We added a couple more Slack integrations, including a Doodle poll to find a mutually agreeable time for the group to meet over the weekend. Our meeting on Sunday was a 1.25 hour group chat, wherein we fully covered a rigorous preset agenda in the expected timeframe because I run meetings like a drill sergeant. It’s probably annoying – but it’s demonstrably effective. I added notes from the meeting to another running shared Google Slides doc where all meeting notes will be tracked. That document is less rigorously organized than the work plan, which is fine for its purposes.

We took a vote via poll (Polly Slack integration) for whether to keep the project datasets limited to Shakespeare or to open it up to other datasets, so as not to come off as a Shakespeare project. We had one vote on either side, two in the middle, and one semi-abstention. After further discussion we decided (as relayed during class) to open it up to different topics.

Other productive group developments included agreeing that we would all check the Project TRIKE slack channel regularly and review materials and answer any questions from other group members within 48 hours, unless communicated otherwise. We are going to rotate responsibility for writing these weekly reports. We also had a great discussion about expectations for the project past this semester.

Good communication is key to being able to effectively collaborate and have a positive group work experience. This team has been great about talking out our different points of view. I feel like we’re in a really healthy place and have a good foundation and momentum for moving forward.

Happy National Chocolate Souffle Day Eve to all of you.


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  1. Posted March 5, 2019 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Great to see how well things have been progressing! I think the decision to branch out to other types of datasets makes complete sense, and it will help market the project to a broader range of potential users. As we discussed, it makes sense also that your Data Management Plan would be a living documentation as the project moves forward, since that is also a really integral part of understanding how to responsibly work with data and therefore in many ways part of the TRIKE project itself. Do you foresee potentially having the DMP hosted on your public facing site, or perhaps a link to a Google document?

    In the meantime, where is the group storing and collaborating on modifying your datasets? I’d like to know more about the plans for local and remote storage. I assume some of these decisions (and I think we talked about this already) will solidify further once you actually choose your datasets, so feel free to include these details in later updates as the project moves forward (or a reminder of docs which are being updated with this information).

    As we begin to think about promotion and media, it’s worth considering how early you want to begin sharing the steps of the process with your potential stakeholders. This could constitute a “live” data management/data research where you transparently share the labor of putting all of this together (even some of the questions or problems that arise) as yet another way to engage scholars in thinking critically about data. It might make sense, for instance, to have a “blog” section of your site that will feature some of these group updates moving forward.

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