Anthony & Raven Project Pitch

At this point, Anthony and I have been equally dividing the labor of this project, and envision a continuation of this within the expected roles. We have conducted outreach via the CUNY Community Colleges, and have acquired a list of supportive faculty who have offered their guidance along the way. Increased outreach might ideally manifest through classroom exposure of our game project, which aside from conferences and graduate level courses, have not been able to get more feedback from undergraduate students. The development of the game project has also been created in equal collaboration, and will continue to do so. It would be wonderful to have additional scaffolding or collaborative assistance in enhancing features of our game such images, and possibly sound effects which neither of us are proficient enough as of yet in CS skills. Design also falls within these parameters of development goals. Furthermore, given the scope of our project an additional 1-2 team members, particularly in the development sector might produce a productive expansion of our project without the original aim/mission becoming lost.  

Finally since the original submission of this project, we have continued to modify/expand the game under the guidance of Dr. Carlos Hernandez and had the chance to recently present our research at the CUNY Games Conference!

The details of our project proposal are attached below: 

MALS-75500-Project-Proposal (1)

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