Final countdown

When we return:

  • One last week to put finishing touches on your prototype, address any feedback you’ve received and polish front-facing materials
  • May 7th: we will do a formal dress rehearsal. Full presentations due, including slides. We may have Lisa back for additional feedback if she is available.
  • The showcase is on May 14th during class time.

Group Paper 15-20 pages (due 5/21)

  • Follow the guidelines for NEH final reports. Elements to address:
    • Project Narrative
      • Provide a detailed articulation of what are the project contributes to the given field. What critical intervention does project offer? Place it in context with references to articles and sources to situate your research within crucial conversations in the field.
    • Audience: Discuss in detail your audience and what they will learn/be able to do differently by engaging with your project.
    • Project Activities: Describe you initial Goals and Adjustments/Changes
      • In particular, revisit your Work Plan and address how well it reflects the development and completion of the project.
    • Accomplishments: describe the product/prototype you’ve created, its functionalities and affordances
    • Evaluation: If you had the project evaluated, describe responses and feedback you received, and how you accounted (or plan to account) for these responses. Assess the weaknesses and strengths of the project. How were problems addressed? What could have been done differently?
    • Future of the Project/Sustainability: what plans do you have for maintaining and expand the project moving forward? What are some foreseen challenges?
  • Each person will also submit a personal final report (3-5 pages) that details their contributions to the project and how the experience of working on it fits into the arc of their professional development.
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