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Hi all:

Please have a member of each group post a link to your public-facing site(s) in the comments below, both so that we all have quick access to them as more journals and updates come in, and so I can offer some content/user experience feedback in the coming weeks.

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    Data TRIKE is having tech delays, but the good things in life are worth waiting for 🙂

    While waiting for the entire site to go live and no longer be redirecting, everyone is welcome to poke around using my project as an entry point. Clearly there’s still page naming, formatting, etc. to be done before wider distribution. The weird ugly image up top will go away and there will be a clean header with a logo, etc. There’s also no homepage yet and if you click the About page you’ll need to back out of it.

    I’ll post again when everything is in a cleaner place and we’ll be soliciting feedback from the class then. As our DH professors keep emphasizing, it’s a process!

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    The RAAD Project:

    Pages are actively being re-built in my other browsers as I type this…

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    Hi all,
    I’ve made some preliminary notes and revision suggestions in this document. Note of this is make it or break it, so please feel free to address any feedback only as time permits.

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