Project TRIKE Update: Week 6 of 17

(Group report covering 2/27 – 3/5)
Project TRIKE is on the move! This has been a busy week for us; we finished our Data Management Plan, started our Outreach and Communication Plan, and began putting together our datasets.
We’ve continued to communicate via Slack, with proposed documents shared in Google Docs or Google Sheets.
Rob drafted the data management plan and invited comments from the rest of the group. There was a lively and wide-ranging discussion there about our work with data via the comments. Rob led the discussion and integrated suggestions from the group before posting the plan on the blog. The plan is a living document and is sure to continue to change as we work wtih our datasets and learn more about them. However, it’s a very useful document to have in place. The work on the data management plan connected strongly with the need to continue thinking about technical solutions for our project, particularly where GitHub is involved. In Slack, Rob opened a channel about GitHub, where he posted several tutorials and a link to an extension called git-lfs (Large File Storage), which we’ll be using for any large files in our dataset.
In the meantime, we have also been finding/selecting/constructing our datasets. At this point, we have all created and/or identified datasets for our work. Since some of these projects are still subject to vary a little, I don’t want to go into too much detail about them here — but we are certainly looking at literary criticism in two different ways, as well as images, and quite likely sound files and numbers. Since some of our group members have greater resposibility for technical issues, it is optional for them to provide datasets; however, they both have datasets in mind that will be included if we have time. We have shared these projects with each other, mostly via Google Sheets, but will likely upload them to GitHub soon.
For each of these projects, we are thinking about the copyright implications and weighing what parts of our work we can make public under fair use. We are consulting with librarians on this question. We will make as much of our work public as we can, and we’ll license it as openly as we can. Part of the copyright conversation involves what can be done with the work we create; we are planing to assign open licenses to both the descriptions and the code, as well as whatever parts of the data we can.
On the tech side of things, Sabina and Rob have created a WordPress site for Project TRIKE.
We’re just beginning to think about outreach and Communication. Sabina created a document that walks through the major questions we need to talk about from both a philosophical and a practical point of view. We discussed these plans in class and have a lot of ideas that we’ll discuss further in the next report. For now I’ll just say that our Twitter presence may end up being both automated and unconventional.
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