Personal Bio & Contribution Statement

Personal Bio

Antonios Liamis is an employee of the Graduate Center (City University of New York) where he works in Digital Disability Student Services Dept. He is also an outsourcing Journalist working in The National Herald Newspaper. He recently attended the M.A. program in Digital Humanities in GC. Previously, having 15 works experience worked as a Senior UI/UX Designer in Digital Media and Communication market, as a Front End Developer in E-commerce Platforms, as an Art and Photography Director in fashion magazines in Europe and also in Image Archive license Agencies.
He earned his first B.A in Graphic Arts and Technology in Technological Institute of Athens and his second one in European Studies in Culture and Humanities, a program of Hellenic Open University. Being either in the form of continuing education in many educational institutions or in more intensive time training in the form of certificates, he had to respond to the requirements of my career and to train in the field. His latest extended certificated training was in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York as a UX Designer.
In the educational field he used to teach the German language in different educational centers in Athens-Greece. Being a New York resident for the last few years he recently participated in a volunteer-led effort to create educational programs that highlight bilingualism at the early levels of language at New York public schools. The Initiative is in its latest stages and has a very successful outlook because of the dedicated work they have put in as volunteers.

Contribution Statement

On Immigrant Newspapers project I’m helping gathering lists of existing databases for our collection of publications, trying to extract highlighted and useful data through online collections and archives. I also contribute by setting up and visualize a layout website project through back-end and front end development work, through UX wireframing ,research and design process. As a team our communication in Slack seems working perfect, since each member of the group has a main focus. Our primary goal is to discover and edit as much as information of data as possible, as this step will determine the next stages of the project.

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  1. Posted February 26, 2019 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    Great start here, Antonios. I particularly like how your expertise in the bio directly informs the specific contributions you’re making to the project. Down the line, as you think about which parts of this should be in the project’s site, I’d consider including your actual job title (rather than stating you’re “an employee”) and naming the particular tools you/the team are using to build the database and front-end.

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